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    Best Vegetable Chopper Machines For Indian Kitchen

    They have very sharp blades that will make your chopping job easier. You have to press a button or pull a string to get the edges started. They are portable, and you can take them a long while you go for picnics to enjoy freshly prepared salads whenever you want. The product functions on string mechanism and you need to pull the string to make the blades move inside. Very easy to use and chops the vegetables and fruits finely. It has all the functions same as the aforementioned vegetable choppers.

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    • A tube from where you can add vegetables from time to time while chopping is going on.
    • Just by closing the lid of the chopper, you can dice, slice or chop onions.
    • So this also means there are certain choppers that are meant for particular types of vegetables.
    • From there, all we have left to do is decide which one seems like the best to get the better quality.

    The grandest selling point for this chopper is the fact it retains tears when you chop up your onions. In one swift movement, the onion gets chopped, minced or diced. Thanks to the container underneath the blades , the vapor from the onion is withheld and your eyes saved from overwhelming tears. Can your chopper easily fit in all the nuts and hold them well? The best chopper for you should easily handle the types of nuts you chop most often.

    Brieftons Manual Food & Vegetable Chopper

    You thought all the manual vegetable choppers are the same? Well no need to offend the choppers by stereotyping them because in reality, there are 3 different types of choppers. While the external body is made out of plastic, the blades on all of the plates are made out of high quality stainless steel. Though highly helpful, the only issue with this, or such models is that the sharpness of their blades is not thorough or as sharp as the string pulley models. The three blades are attached and held together by the unbreakable ABS plastic. The lid and the base unit are also detachable and the material of the unit makes it very easy to wipe away the remains.

    Moretti Forni Cutty Mozzarella

    Quick and easy to clean, dishwasher friendly is where it’s at! This chopper brings affordable slicing and dicing quality to your home kitchen. It has 8 different blades, and a handy storage unit, so you’ll be making the best homemade waffle-fries or carrot sticks in a blink.

    Best Electric Vegetable & Fruit Chopper & Slicer In India

    You need to use only moist cloths to clean the jar and motors. You have to be very careful while detaching sharp blades from the jar. Preethi CH 601 Turbo has inbuilt thermal protection to reduce heat. You can divide the electric motor into 5 parts as a dome shape cover, a plastic lid, a pair of SS blades, a chopping container and a two-pin power plug. After a tiresome meal preparation, the best gift a food processor can give you is an easy time cleaning it. This machine eases your cleaning by ensuring the usable parts of this Hamilton Beach mini 3-cup food processor can be dismantled and removed.

    Discover What An Electrolux Professional Industrial Vegetable Cutter Can Do For Your Business

    Not only it gives you tears, after you’ve chopped onions it leaves a foul smell on your hands. To avoid such problems, we’ve selected Onion Choppers that not only save you from the mentioned problems, but also make cutting easy and simple and saves time. The no-frills Benriner stainless steel mandoline ($35), is a known chef favorite, which we were excited to put to the test. It’s uncomplicated and super sharp out of the box, with a straight blade that executes perfect, even slices every time, at every width. It comes with a 0.8L remove glass bowl that is both stylish and easy to clean.

    Best Vegetable Choppers: Hamilton Beach Mini 3

    Many of the electric models are even safer due to the fact that you just put the veg in and it will do the chopping for you. The further you are from the blades, the better it is for safety. It’s always reassuring to see that the slicer is made out of stainless steel. This is one of the best quality materials out there when it comes to a blade.

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